Thursday, March 29, 2007

Central American Road Trip 2007

10 days, 5 people, 3 buses, 2 rental cars, 3 countries, lots of granola bars. . .

Tomorrow (Friday, March 30th), Hilary, Brandy, Claire, Tracy and I are embarking on our epic road trip throuh Central America. Next week is Semana Santa (the week before Easter) and all of Nicaragua is on vacation. That means, we don't have to run our programs. So we figured we might as well see all of Central America. We leave at 5 am.

Friday: San Salvador
Saturday- Monday: Guatemala (Xela, Lake Atitlan, Mayan ruins, Lago de Izabal, etc.)
Tuesday: San Salvador
Wednesday-Sunday: Honduras (Tegucigalpa, Copan, Pultapanzak, Grasias, Naciones Unidos Park)

We'll be doing lots of hiking, ruin-exploring, sleeping in hostels, backpacking, market-shopping, and lake swimming...

wish us luck
y nos vemos pronto


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Hey by any chance, did you cross the border with a car? can u email me at

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