Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The bags are packed

Last day in Nicaragua… I can’t believe it. I leave tomorrow morning at 7 am.

Here’s what I did on my lat day in Nicaragua.:
- woke up early and went to an 8:00 health class at Pedro Davila. A group of nurses is here for 2 weeks, and they’re teaching nutrition classes to 1st graders twice a week. The kids giggled and chatted as they colored their food pyramids and discussed their favorite fruits.
- Packed, said goodbye to my incredible Spanish tutor, Yacerely
- 12:00 the last lunch. Then we walked the 25 minutes over to Cedro Galán and almost got bitten by about six dogs (typical)
- from 12-1 I worked at our feeding program. About 35 little kids ate lunch there today. I helped Racquel cook the food, hugged all my little ones who I’m going to miss dearly and said many goodbyes
- 1:30-2:30 music class. We sang songs in preparation for the upcoming July presentation and I cried- they’re just so cute when they sing, and I’m so proud of them for learning so much in music class this year. Elba sat on one side of me, arm draped over my shoulders and Yuvi sat on the other side, holding my hand.
- 3:00 I got a haircut from Carolina in her home. Doña Juana sewed on her sewing machine and Jasmina sat in a rocking chair next to me. We chatted while Carolina cut my hair, laughed about how sore we were from exercise class and then I said goodbye, promising to keep in touch.
- 4:00 Went to the Flores family’s home. We sat on the porch on rocking chairs, reminisced a little bit, cried a little bit, and hugged for a long time.
- 5:00 walked over to Racquel and Marcos’ house. We sat in their living room, chatted, and I caught the end of my last Telenovela (Latin American soap operas that are just too funny).
- 5:30 I taught my last women’s exercise class. The class was full. Lydia, mother of five, brought her 6 month old baby girl to class. We set up a mat and towels where the baby could stay while her mom exercised. Linette, the baby, cooed and gurgled the entire time.
- 7:00 Advanced English class. Lots of goodbyes- this time in English- lots of email swapping and hugs. More tears.
- 9:00 back to the Manna house to finish packing, to sit on the roof one last time, to chat on Tracy’s bed one last time, and take one last big group picture.
- And now it’s late. My alarm is set for 4 am. My bags are packed. I’m feeling sad to leave but excited to see family and friends at home. And now I’m thinking, wow, how lucky I am that I get to do Manna Project again for another year- but this next time in Ecuador.

¡dale pues, Nicarauga! Adios, por ahora.